Take private lessons online with the very best French and Spanish teachers in the nation. Over the past ten years, Language City has helped hundreds of high school & college students as well as adults of all levels reach their goal to become fluent in a foreign language. The high quality of our classes and the tools we provide you with in addition to live classes will help you feel like you have spent more than two years abroad.

From the comfort of your home, watch your teacher display lessons, documents and interact with you on our built-in white board. Don’t waste time in traffic, cancel if you feel a bit sick, and take the risk to lose your notes or forget what the teacher told you.

Students get access to all the assignments and extra learning tools provided on Moodle: written exercises, vocabulary, and our oral comprehension exercises to compare slow and fast pronunciation in the language of your choice.

Click here to take a quick tour of our virtual classroom and Moodle, and find out the many ways in which our method and external platform will help help you reach a level of fluency you never thought possible.

All private lessons are recorded and can be viewed online 24/7 through a secure link that only you will have access to.

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Language City is the one destination to learn a foreign language in a fun environment.

Meet online every week with other students from all over the country to learn a foreign language with the very best French & Spanish teachers in the nation.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn a language in a fun and easy way.
  • What you learn is relevant; lessons are made simple and are more accurate than anywhere else.
  • All classes are recorded and can be watched on demand 24/7.
  • Learn from the very best teachers in the nation.
  • Get plenty of extra information to continue learning in between classes.