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French I – Course description

Self-study course: $99/level. Purchase our French I & II self-study courses for $149, and French I, II, III & IV (4 semesters) for $249, & all 6 courses (French I through Advanced French) for $349.

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Curriculum covered in French I:

Over 9 hours of video lessons + oral comprehension + written exercises (with answers)
Prerequisites: none

  • The use of “être” & “avoir”
  • Adjectives to describe people & things (+ irregular adjectives)
  • Parts of the body
  • Counting up to 100
  • Definite & indefinite articles
  • How to use –er, -ir, -re and irregular verbs (all the most useful verbs that other books or schools don’tteach)
  • The negative form, including ne…jamais, ne…plus, ne…personne, ne… que
  • The use of « de » or « d’ » after the negative form
  • The 3 ways of asking questions
  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Use of the pronoun “on”
  • Use of French adverbs
  • Questions words: où / quand / quoi / comment / pourquoi
  • Near future
  • How to tell time
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Venir de + infinitive
  • C’est vs Il/elle est
  • Locating people & things


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