Advanced French – Course description

Advanced French:

Purchase our self-study course for $99/course. Take part in our referral program and get $20 off for every referral of a study-course. Keep in mind that Paypal allows you to make a payment by credit card without opening a Paypal account. You can start our self-study course at any time during the year, and you get lifetime access to the course. Our advanced self-study course includes 19 lectures for a total of more than 15 hours of lessons. Each lecture comes with an oral comprehension exercise with slow and fast pronunciation. Course also includes many exercises (2 hours altogether) of oral comprehension exercises focusing on specific structures. You feel like you can converse but you still make too many errors on articles, prepositions, conjunctions, and lack vocabulary & idiomatic expressions? You feel like you can get your point across, but your comprehension is not where you would like it to be? This is the course for you. All the most useful idiomatic expressions have been gathered on this course, just for you. This program will have the same effect on you as spending a year in France. Once you have registered (scroll down), you will receive your login information by email within a few hours.

Advanced French curriculum:

– The many translations & meanings of the verbs “to keep”, “to mean”, & “can”
– to be missing sth / to be $___ short
– to have _____ left (time/quantity…)
– to be/live ______ miles/minutes (away) from a place.
– Could have / should have / must have + past participle
– Most useful words & idiomatic expressions as well as structures
– To be mad at someone – To get + past participle (fired / yelled at / evicted…)
– Translation of the English passive voice into French
– Use of present & past subjunctive
– All the reflexive verbs & faire expressions you’ve never heard before & that we use everyday
– “By”… the end of the day / the end of the week / the end of the year…
– Present vs past subjunctive and much much more!

Watch this free advanced French class to get an idea of what you will be learning.

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  • Learn a language in a fun and easy way.
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