French III Class – Information and Registration

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Curriculum covered in French III:

  • Present tense review
  • adjective placement
  • Near future
  • Passé composé: irregular verbs + être verbs
  • Partitive articles
  • Negative expressions in passé composé
  • Direct/Indirect Object pronouns in present and passé composé
  • Most used reflexive verbs present, imperative & passé composé (the complete list)
  • Simultaneous use of direct & indirect object pronouns
  • Object pronouns with 2 consecutive verbs
  • ce qui vs ce que
  • Ça fait
  • Quel & lequel
  • Imperfect
  • Savoir vs connaitre
  • Uses of the verb “falloir”
  • Depuis vs pendant
  • The most useful conjunctions & connecting words
  • Bonus lessons on important structures no one will teach you

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